Connected Health Consulting Services

At the Center for Connected Health, we know how to harness technology to transform care. Since 1995 we have put that knowledge, our resources and our innovative thinking to work for our clients.

Our unique and in-depth experience, combined with the unmatched resources available at the Center for Connected Health and within the Partners HealthCare network, enable us to deliver expert opinions and assist clients to prepare their products and services for integration into the healthcare delivery system.Consulting_photo1

Our experienced clinicians and technologists are skilled at working seamlessly with patients and providers to determine potential use cases, identify usability challenges and opportunities, and evaluate technology and workflow issues in medical settings and in the home.

We continue to demonstrate how the right technology, in the right patients' hands, in the right setting, can have a profound impact on care and quality of life.

Our Services: 

  • Advisory Services

    Our advisory services are focused on strategic, business, and/or market development. Our multidisciplinary team understands the intricacies of the healthcare landscape with an in-depth focus on patient and provider issues and behavior change. Our customized solutions target real world results. These consulting enagagements may be short of long term.

  • Product Evaluations & Expert Reviews

    Our engineering team conducts product evaluations and expert reviews, applying our 260 point Technology Evaluation Methodology© to identify usability challenges and opportunities, use case development, and/or workflow evaluations in medical settings and in the home. We are well-positioned to convene patient and/or clinical end-users or experts to provide feedback and insights on a specific product or service.

  • Program Development

    Our program development consultants have a bias for results. We assist clients in the design, development and evaluation of connected health programs tailored to specific conditions, populations and settings.

    We are experts in videoconferencing-based virtual visits, customized text messaging programs for clinical use, provider to provider telemedicine case consultations, and remote monitoring of various medical conditions (cardiac, BP, diabetes, etc.).

  • Collaborative Media

    Our experienced technical/project managers understand the nuances of encryption, Privacy and HIPAA issues in a healthcare environment. When you need guidance regarding hardware/software evaluation, virtual or e-visit program development, or selecting services that will meet your needs (full-range video production, videoconferencing, media encoding, web streaming, live webcast, CD/DVD creation and duplication) we are trusted experts.

  • Feasibility Studies & Clinical TrialsConsulting_photo3

    Feasibility studies conducted in real-world settings, such as patients’ homes or in a clinic can measure clinical impact, in addition to providing valuable learning relating to usability, reliability, identifying use cases, support requirements and workflow issues.

    Clinical trials are led by our experienced research team and principal investigators, who oversee IRB review, study design, patient recruitment, implementation, analysis, and publication.  
We work with a range of companies and manufacturers to determine how a company, product or service can play a part in this vibrant 'connected' space.

Industry Icons

Here are some questions we helped answer for our clients:
  • For a new-to-US sensor company – how can the technology be positioned to address the unique concerns of caregivers in the US market? 
  • For a medication adherence tool – how will this work inside a patient’s home?  Are there any usability or user support concerns?
  • For a new monitoring tool – how do clinicians view this tool?  What are the potential applications    in a clinical setting?
  • For a new communications device – what are potential use cases for a target patient population?


"Working with Partners (Center for Connected Health) was invaluable to our product development and marketing teams. Partners provided an extremely extensive competitive and technical evaluation of our product where every detail of the offering was examined and critiqued. They provided pragmatic, actionable feedback that was well grounded in market realities. Our product development lead said that it was the most thorough and rational product critique he’d ever seen."

- Liddy Manson, President, BeClose

For more information, contact:

Kurt M. Glacy
Consulting Account Manager
Tel: 617-724-3152