Past Events

The Center for Connected Health is committed to advancing awareness, knowledge and the exchange of information to help educate administrators, providers, payers, consumers and others about connected health.  Our programs and conferences feature top-level speakers, encourage interaction discussion and cover both strategic and practical issues to support the connected health movement.


Symposium 2011

Healthcare in 2011 marches to an urgent drummer: Drive costs down. And quality up. The sheer intensity of the pressure for cost-containment makes this a new era. To showcase and test the most promising responses around the world, Partners HealthCare proudly presents, on October 20-21, the 8th annual Connected Health Symposium: Driving Quality Up and Costs Down: New Technologies for an Era of Accountability.


Symposium 2010

The Way Forward: Reform's New Focus on Health and Wellness, Independent Aging, Chronic Condition Self-Care and the Tools That Support Them. Attendees of our 7th annual Symposium discussed and debated the means of moving care beyond the hospital and clinic and into the day-to-day lives of those who need our help.


Symposium 2009

Up From Crisis: Overhauling Healthcare Information, Payment and Delivery in Extraordinary Times. Our 6th annual Symposium explored how information technology -- cell phones, computers, the Internet and other tools – can help people manage chronic conditions, maintain health and wellness, and age with independence.


Symposium 2008

Who Provides, Who Decides, Who Pays: Consumers, Clinicians and Business Models in the Connected Care Era. Our 2008 Symposium focused on organizing around a specific mission and a unique capability - to bring MDs and nurses into a conversation about information technology and practical economics that is always about them but not always welcoming to them. In this connected age patients and their loved ones will engage deeply in managing their own healthcare, a serious shift in the consumer role that means profound changes for clinicians, too.


Symposium 2007

Building the Connected Health Economy: Innovation, Implementation and Investment. Our 2007 Symposium brought together thought leaders from all aspects of healthcare and technology, to inform, discuss, debate and learn together as this new economy moves forward to help reshape and transform the care process.


Personal Health Management

On May 8, 2007, the Center for Connected Health and law firm Proskauer Rose hosted Personal Health Management: Adoption of New Benefits, Tools & Technologies. With a blend of presentations and interactive discussions, the conference examined innovative, consumer-centric approaches to managing health care costs and quality, with a focus on personal health management in the workplace.


Symposium 2006

2006's audience of almost 600 health, business and technology professionals explored the application of communications technologies and their impact on delivering quality patient care, strategies to improve efficiencies in healthcare delivery and policy issues that will affect the adoption of connected health.


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